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Friday, January 30, 2015

Summer progresses into autumn

The weeks in late May, June and July brought much hot sunny weather and the  local wildlife, including  insects and flowers seemed to flourish as a result.

Whilst weeding a border in my garden ( not something I do often enough!) I had to abruptly halt when I nearly speared this huge toad with my hand fork. A gardeners' friend, eating a diet of  slugs and snails, what an excellent excuse to stop for a cuppa! By the time I returned it had hopped off to find another shelter from the heat of the sun.
Toad in the undergrowth

Ringlet butterfly
Butterflies and moths  have seemed to do well this year too and I "captured" a few on film including the small tortoiseshell below which flew round the village hall one day in autumn looking for a warm spot to hibernate before alighting on the Shortmat bowls club's programme!
Small tortoiseshell 

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