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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Signs of Spring?

Here are a few more sightings over the last week or so to make you feel that Spring may be around the corner.

I can't be certain but this ewe looks like she may have triplets as all three lambs stayed close by her as I passed by on a walk near Combe Wood Lane. I read of one ewe recently that had five lambs, quite unusual I would think?
Watch out for roe deer in the fields now. I saw this one near Betham, but there are at least two in the Woolhayes area.
The bucks are already sprouting their velvet covered antlers and the does will have their fawns in May / June
 Another bird  which likes to find a high perch to sing from (like the wren in the previous post)  is the Song Thrush. I have heard them singing already this month, with their loud repeated phrases, so keep your ears peeled.
Despite the cold weather recently a number of daffodils are already out, including these in Sunday School Wood, which I noticed earlier this week. Roll on Spring!

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