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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wildlife and sights you won't find in Combe!

As mentioned in my last post we have recently returned from Brazil and I thought I would share some of our most exciting sightings which we were privileged to see.

We spent some time in the Chapada  dos GuimarĂ£es National Park in central Brazil before travelling 250 km down the Transpantaneira " road into the heart of the Pantenal where we spent a week exploring the rivers and marshlands in search of Jaguar. For the last few days the trip we flew south to the Brazilian / Argentina border and visited the spectacular Iguassu Falls.
In all we saw 21 species of mammal ( including 6 separate sightings of Jaguar) and over 280 species of birds and between Steve and I we took nearly 10k photos! As you can imagine it will take some time to edit these, but here are a few of my favourites, from the colourful to the curious and the spectacular to the stunning! It was difficult to do justice to the sheer variety and the Falls in particular have to be heard as well as seen to appreciate the tremendous power of the water pouring over the cliff tops. We returned filled with many so many wonderful memories. Enjoy!


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