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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Signs of Summer coming to an end?

Arriving back at the beginning of September after two weeks travelling in Brazil / Argentina (further post to follow) it was lovely to see the green fields, despite the continued dry weather whilst we were away. It was also great to lots of young swallows and house martins skimming over the fields catching insects as they build up their strength before their long journeys south for the winter.
It seems the late broods have done well as I hoped they would when mentioning them in my previous post.The young swallows are easier to identify as they have far shorter tail streamers than the adults and it seems the breeding season was a success as there are far more young of both species in the air than I can recall this time last year.
I always feel sad as, during September, they line up in increasing numbers on the overhead wires which heralds their departure, usually at the end of the month, when they just seem to disappear all at once as if something has fired a starting gun!
Let's hope they all return safely to us again next year. 

Speckled wood
  Another welcome sight this month, even if it might signify that summer is coming to an end, has been the different species of butterfly which are about, including Speckled wood, above and Small copper, below, both seen in SSW. (Apologies for the poor photos but I only had my mobile phone with me and creeping up on these two without a zoom lens proved a challenge!)

Small copper

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