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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where did June go?

I can't believe it is already two weeks into July, we have been back from Finland for well over a month and "blazing June" is over! It was an odd month with near constant winds and for me, a week of travelling to and fro to Musgrove Hospital to see mum, who was admitted suddenly on a Friday morning mid month. ( she is back home now and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine).
Even so, we had some good days out and the wildlife seemed to flourish in the dry weather, (especially the weeds in the garden!)
Butterflies, like Peacocks, began to emerge early in June and take advantage of the later than usual flowers, such as Bluebells, but numbers have been low even with the warmer weather.
We had a day trip to Durleston Country Park near Swanage in late June, an area with a very different geology to Combe which results in different flowers and as a result attracts different butterflies, such as this beautiful Common blue.
Common blue
Also these Adonis blue, and Wall butterflies, none of which I have ever seen in Combe.
Adonis Blue 

Wall butterfly
Unusual plants on the cliff top included wild carrot,Centaury and further up the slope a superb bee orchid!

Bee Orchid
Birds seemed to have had a good breeding season locally, with many having more than one brood so have been in constant search for food to feed their young. The ones lucky enough to find the mealworms we put out in mum's garden grabbed all they could, as you can see from this blackbird!

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