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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Garden bird feeders are still popular with the birds!

Despite the increase in the amount of natural food for the birds, especially insects, since the weather has warmed up, the garden bird feeders are still attracting plenty of birds.
My feeders have seen Bullfinches, Greenfinches  Blue  Great and Coal tits, as well as the not so welcome Jackdaws and Rooks.
Male Bullfinch

Male Bullfinch


So, do keep feeding the birds, many of which will now be either feeding partners or young, so they need all the help you can give. Remember though, remove the nets on fat balls as small claws can easily get caught and cause much distress.
Apologies that the pictures are not very good as the closest I could get was a view through the kitchen window as these shy birds, especially Bullfinches, have been persecuted for many years for taking buds from fruit trees and are therefore easily spooked.

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