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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Evening strolls are a good time for mammal watching around Combe

Last night, at around 8.30pm, I set off to deliver a Chard Museum  newsletter to someone in Whiteway and  as I passed the footpath entrance on the right, adjacent to Whiteway Cottage I glanced down the path and saw a young badger walking towards me. It made its way behind the cottage and I went up to the gateway to see if I could get  a better view. Whether it heard me or something else spooked it , it suddenly dashed back across the path and through the hedge.
As I returned from my delivery I paused at the gateway to the field into which the badger had disappeared and saw it scuttling along the hedge line right under the noses of the Shetland pony and horse which live there! 

Tonight, on another evening stroll, a friend and I went along Greenway, where we saw a fleeting view of at least one Whitethroat and heard a snatch of its scratchy song.We then went down to Clayhanger and saw a couple of deer in the Woolhayes fields, calmly eating grass, though obviously aware of our presence.

Plenty of rabbits were also out foraging in the grass and if I go out again in the evening I must remember to take my camera!

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