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Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring and winter still at odds

Yesterday morning, as we are still working at mum's,  I decided to get up early to have a walk as I feel I am missing out on getting my usual countryside "fix".
I went up to the top of Stantway and then along Holland's Wash Drove, which after being more or less unpassable in the wet weather, has finally dried out enough to venture along it without the fear of losing one's boots in the mud!
A few buzzards were soaring and a lone raven flew overhead  making its unmistakeable cronking call. Then I heard and, after some scanning the sky, saw my first Skylark of the season. What an uplifting sound it is and a real harbinger of spring as it flew ever higher, singing non stop to advertise itself to any possible mate. 
The odd thing was that in the next field there were a flock of Fieldfare feeding, a bird that should have headed off to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia by now, but, because of the cold and easterly winds, have delayed their departure so they are still around.

They are not the only winter birds still about as Redwing are also about, on various fields, such as the football field and school playing field, searching for food before they finally decide to leave us for another year. 

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