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Monday, April 8, 2013

Rooks in good voice!

The first week of April and the weather has continued to bring bitter easterly winds and hard frosts, although more sunshine than in March. 
The rooks are in full voice, cawing loudly in and around the various rookery's near the village now, such as at this particularly large one in Combe Wood.
Seen here on the left,  from the fields between Scrapton and the A30 and below, a close up from  Scrapton Lane.
The birds seem to be constantly bickering but as they are gregarious, it just seems to be par for the course!

Looking directly up from the footpath that passes almost below the rookery it is quite difficult  to spot the birds, but the noise alone advertises their presence! They continually fly back and forth with twigs to enlarge their untidy nests and will dive bomb any passing buzzard when it soars too close.

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