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Monday, April 8, 2013

Lucky sighting!

Despite the improved weather this last weekend, a job we have promised to do for my mum has meant that I have not been able to get out for a walk and enjoy the sun. Our good deeds were rewarded though, as, when standing washing up,  I noticed something different in the holly bush at the top of her garden. Borrowing mum's binoculars to investigate I was amazed to see it was a tawny owl, sunning itself out of the wind on a sheltered branch. Mum was delighted to get such good views and I hastily dashed home for my camera, not really expecting it to be still be there on my return. To my surprise it was, and it allowed me to creep up the garden taking photos as though it posed for such events every day!

Sadly it had gone the next morning, but what a treat and the next day we saw a tiny Goldcrest as well as Chiff Chaff hopping about in the same bush, so, despite not being able to get out in the sun, we did at least have some good wildlife sightings!

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