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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Green woodpecker in the garden

As work continues at mum's (the bathroom project has proved trickier than expected) I am still relying on spotting birds in her back garden when I can't be spared  to go out for a walk. Still, luckily as mum has always fed "her" birds on a variety of food, from live mealworms to nuts and seed to fat balls, she attracts a good variety of birds too. She has recently had a male Blackcap feeding on the seed feeder and today, though not eating the food provided,  I was pleased to see a beautiful Green woodpecker just over the fence in a tree in her neighbours' garden. I suspect it had been attracted to the newly mown lawns as the ants, its favourite food, would be easier to  find. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so got no photos on this occasion. Never mind, perhaps next time.
The funny thing is that on Saturday we went on a field trip to Arne RSPB reserve in Dorset and we kept hearing Green woodpeckers yaffling but we never got a sighting. Obviously we should have stayed in Combe!

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