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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bluebells at last?

Bluebell in Scrapton Lane

After the excitement of seeing the first swallows in the parish and noting on the 14 th April both swallows and field fare as I walked across the field at Polerue, (something I do not recall happening before, as the latter should have keft for their breeding ground in Scandinavia before the former arrive for the summer) I was on the look out for my first Bluebell. At last, on the 17 th I spotted a very poor specimen in Scrapton Lane on the verge.

Perhaps the warmer weather that finally arrived this weekend, faltered on Sunday/Monday and reached the dizzy heights of 19C today means it will be joined by more soon.

Farmers have been busy muck spreading and rolling the grass pastures since the weather has been dry and very neat they look too!


Rolled fields between Stantway and Combe Wood Lane


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