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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring is stopped in its tracks!

After a few days of sunshine, spring seems to have been put on hold with fog, snow flurries and a biting wind, described by Monty Don the gardener, as being as sharp as a stiletto!
Redwing and Fieldfare have put in an appearance this week, demonstrating the fact that it really is still winter.

Fieldfare and Redwing

These birds were about earlier in the winter but have reduced in number till this week, when flocks of 100+ have been seen feeding in the local fields. I noticed they particularly like the fields which, until recently, have had grazing sheep. I suppose the insects from the dung are providing much needed sustenance.

The birds appear more colourful than they did earlier in the season as they are gradually changing into their breeding plumage. They won't be breeding here though, moving back to their Scandinavian summer homes as the days lengthen.
Still they brighten up the cold grey days until the spring gets going again!

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