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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunny morning walk in Combe

Last Sunday we went for a walk around the village and the sun shone for change! We were not the only ones about though and as we walked along the gated part of the lane at Woolhayes we watched a fox as it crossed the boggy field of sedge and reeds.

It was clearly hunting as it regularly paused and listened to any movement in the undergrowth. It pounced a couple of times but didn't catch anything but it put up about a dozen snipe which were sheltering in the long grass.


Continuing on to the sewage works is always worth a scan for something unusual. (last spring there was a yellow-browed warbler from Siberia that attracted many birdwatchers).

We were rewarded by a lovely grey wagtail, a species that likes running water and often hangs around here, probably because of the insect life.


Along the lane we heard a bird singing what at first sounded like a song thrush, but without the repeat phrases. It was high up in a tree and the picture is not great but I am pretty sure it was a mistle thrush.

All in all a great walk, how lucky we are to have such a variety of wildlife in our parish.


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