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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mystery print?

While walking along the path between Stantway and Combe Wood Lane earlier this week I noticed a number of odd prints in the mud. As it is not a bridle way and there is no gate only a stile at the end there is no easy way out of the path for large animals.

I tried googling some images of animal prints and thought it might have been from a cow but this seemed very odd as recently there had only been sheep in the fields.and there was no sign of any cattle.
The next morning was a bit misty as as usual I had my binoculars with me and was scanning around for any wildlife when. I saw , emerging from the gateway across the field this cow, happily consorting with the sheep!

I watched it walk across the field and then squeeze through the hedge into the next field, so I guess that is how it got into the field in the first place. No doubt it escaped from the field it was usually in and having walked along the path decided this field was as good as any to stay. It stayed for a couple of days before disappearing again, so presumably the farmer who owned it either reclaimed it, or it just went wandering off again! I suppose it was a case of, it always seems greener on the other side!

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