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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big freeze!

With temperatures dropping to at least -2.5C, the roads were very icy this morning and there was adefinite crunch underfoot.

Many of the bushes and trees are bowed under with the weight of the remaining snow and branches are in danger of snapping off, so beware if you walking underneath!




The views are all still mostly monochrome, except for a few places where unexpected colour, like this red fencing, adds some relief.

Remember to keep putting out food for the birds as they struggle in the cold temperatures. Things with high fat content like suet are welcome and birds like blackbirds and thrushes love fruit, bruised apples, sultanas etc will be gobbled up, if you can keep the wood pigeons, rooks and jackdaws off


Another important thing to provide is a supply of ice free water. You can get some ideas of how to do this on the RSPB website here . I use the first method with a tea light under the bowl. Remember to empty the bowl at night though or you will end up with solid ice in the bowl in the morning!

Next weekend, 26/27th January, is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, so keep topping up your feeders all week to ensure you get some good birds in the garden for the count.


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