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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rainbows over Combe

The weather recently has been very varied. The autumn colours of the leaves seemed to be late in turning and I took this picture through a spider's web in late September which showed how green everythign still was.

Since then there has been plenty of the usual rain, with a little sunshne, which, when combined produced a wonderful double rainbow, like this one last week over the centre of the village.

We have also had snow this week, (but that melted too quickly to capture on film this time), very early for the season, but maybe a promise of what we have in store for the rest of the winter!

One thing to note, due to the poor summer weather this year is that the natural food for the birds is not very abundant, with few berries on the Hawthorn and few spare fruits on the crab apples and other fruit trees, which could spell a hard time for our wildlife over the winter.

Crab apple 1
Compare a picture above, of the crab apple tree in the churchyard this year (1) with the same tree below,  last year (2). The latter was bowed down with fruit but this year the few apples that are there are very poor specimens. So, a gentle reminder to keep those bird feeders topped up!

Crab apple 2

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