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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Winter approaches and birds are busily feeding

This week after a wet,windy spell of weather, the temperatures dropped sharply on Thursday evening, resulting in the first frost of the season.
Walking around the lanes I spotted flocks of small birds such as Blue, Great and Long tailed Tits which were busy foraging for food in the hedgerows as if they knew the colder weather was on its way. One nice sighting were a small flock of Goldcrests moving through the trees alongside the R. Isle near Pudleigh. In winter, the Goldcrest must find an insect or spider every 2.5 seconds to maintain its bodyweight so they are constantly flitting as they search for food. 

More birds have been coming to the bird table this week too, including Goldfinches and Great Spotted Woodpeckers so it is important to keep the feeders stocked up now.

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