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Friday, April 6, 2012

Early spring news 2012

The Sunday School Wood newsletter is no longer being produced monthly, so to keep everyone up to date with my wildlife records for the parish I am launching a blog! To briefly summarise,the last couple of months since the last newsletter have been quite exciting for wildlife sightings as Combe has had a rare bird, the Yellow Browed Warbler, hanging around the sewage works. So if you have been stopped in the lanes and asked for directions to the sewage works recently,now you know why. This bird had come all the way from ASIs and was joined by at least 2 Siberiean chiff chaffs, plus a number of Goldcrests. Pictures of it can be seen on the Somerset Ornithological Society website Spring flowers have been early, with unseasonal high temperatures in March so Daffs were going over by the end of the month and bluebells were already coming out at the beginning of April. Cowslips are also out in SSW. Spring migrants such as Chiff Chaff have been singing and I saw my first Swallow at the top of Stantway on 29th March, though it was heading north and did not stop. There were a pair however on the wires in Scrapton today. Now looking forward to the Dawn chorus walk on Easter Monday at 6am!

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